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What is the difference between Angular Cheilitis and Herpes?

Yeast infections can and will show up in different body parts and one of them is around the mouth resulting in an infection called Angular Cheilitis. This area is very much in the spot light on a daily basis so attention is always drawn to it, especially during conversation or every waking moment.
Those who are unaware of the condition are likely to think that the person has herpes before they woul consider anything else. Let us look at the cultural distinction between the two to suppress the fear that many people have over angular cheilitis vs herpes.

Angular Cheilitis vs Herpes

It would almost seem like the two were competing and in a sense they are in not being associated with the other. Certainly anyone with angular cheilitis would not want to be confused with herpes. The reason for this is because there is a stigma that herpes carries with it and the only similarities are that they are both treatable for the same amount of time.

Angular Cheilitis and Herpes2 What is the difference between Angular Cheilitis and Herpes?

The reason herpes is different it because it is started by the herpes simplex virus, so the distinction between angular cheilitis or cold sore should be very clear. The cold sore will become a blister and is treatable within days of the condition.

Angular Cheilitis or Cold Sore

The name for the cold sore is herpes labialis, but has a lot of similarities in that is involves the bacteria around the mouth just like Angular Cheilitis. Once the blister is gone the herpes virus will remain in the skin for when the blister forms again in the same area. With angular cheilitis, you have better chances in getting rid of it depending on the causes.

Treat Angular Cheilitis Naturally

Angular Cheilitis and Herpes What is the difference between Angular Cheilitis and Herpes?

The cold sore or fever blister is also more contagious than angular cheilitis, you can transfer the virus throughout different parts of the body if you make contact with it, and this is the basic way in which it spreads to other people.

Differences In Treatment

Once the condition is diagnosed, there are different treatments to apply. For Cheilitis, a combination of creams which are used to reduce inflammation are prescribed such as miconazole. If cheilitis has lesions than there are medications such as clotrimazole that are applied. The difference here is that the medicine for herpes can be applied as a topical treatment or in some other cases in the form of a pill. This is different from the angular cheilitis as the attention is always on the mouth or the mouth area.

The medicine for herpes must be applied quickly in diagnosis to keep the virus from building up a resistance, plus most of the treatments are very affective in preventing them from doing so. The biggest differences between the two is that during the treatment, it is essential that the cold sore not be touched and that hands always be clean to prevent the spread. The rapid treatment of these two infections are what makes them less noticeable in public and if you have either one, it is always recommended that it be treated immediately, if you want to attract rather than repel.