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How To Treat Angular Cheilitis Naturally

Angular cheilitis, sometimes refered to as cheilosis, is an inflammation of at least one corner of the mouth.  Most often, both corners are affected with this condition.  It is a fungal and/or bacterial infection that causes discoloration, cracking, and other odd lesions on the corners of the mouth.  While the condition is not threatening to your health, its prominent presence on your face can be an annoying affliction.

angular cheilitis treatment
A Different Kind of Pain

Angular cheiltis is a condition that is painless from a physical standpoint.  However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t potentially hurt to have the ailment.  Indeed, because it can negatively affect your personal appearance, you may find yourself subject to various levels of psychological distress during various social activities.  Basic activities that should not be that big of a deal, such as smiling, eating, or talking, suddenly become cause for concern, because those types of activities draw unwanted attention to the state of your lips.

A Silver Lining

If there is one good thing about angular cheilitis, is that it doesn’t last all that long.  Typically, the average case will last anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months without treatment.  However, if that time frame is still too long of an interval to allow for the condition to heal on its own, don’t fret.

Treat Angular Cheilitis Naturally

There are a few natural treatments for angular cheilitis that exist to help expedite the healing process.

angular cheilitis natural treatment

These natural remedies include:

  • Honey –Not only does this sweet, sticky substance work wonders in battling the microorganisms that cause angular cheilitis, it does not come with a medicinal odor or flavor – a bonus considering how close the affected area will be to your nose and taste buds. Apply a goodly amount of the material to the affected area and let it rest for about fifteen minutes.
  • Cocoa butter – This substance has excellent moisturizing properties, so it does a terrific job of bringing the chapped, dry patches of angular cheilitis back to life.  Apply the substance to the area two to three times per day – once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and one final application before bedtime.
  • Water – Keeping your body naturally dehydrated is an effective weapon against angular cheilitis.  In fact, dehydration may be one of the reasons why the affliction presented itself in the first place.  In order for the liquid to be truly effective, you should drink two to four additional glasses above the usual recommended eight glasses of water per day.
  • Aloe vera gel – Rubbing the liquid that oozes from this healing plant will help alleviate the condition, although its application process takes a little bit more time.  In order to maximize its effectiveness, stick the aloe leaf in the refrigerator for approximately an hour before you are ready to apply it to the area in order to make it cooler.  When you do use it, rub it on the affected area for a couple of minutes and let the residual gel dry on the spot for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it away.